Build Profitable Online Programs And Sales Funnels

(Even if you’re a complete technophobe and are new to online business)


A 12 week, step-by-step online system teaching you everything you need to create and sell your online program

Client Success Story

“In the first 24 hours I made $6,000. You Rock! You have totally shifted my mindset around strategy for high ticket. I can’t wait to see what else we create!”

Kris Gilbertson

Here’’s how people fail online…

Client Success Story

“Jody Jelas is the reason I am successful today. “

Ann Peck

In the BOOM! Formula, I’’ll teach you how to easily generate leveraged income with your online program so you can spend your time on things that really matter to you.

Client Success Story

“Since joining BOOM! I’ve had more action than ever before. The best part. I don’t feel like I’m hanging high and dry. I always have support and following the workbooks makes all the hard work turn easy. Thank you Jody! You’re one awesome chick!!”

Monique Vette-Scurr

And you know what…if an uneducated Kiwi girl like me can create a leveraged income from online programs – then so can you!

When I created my first program…

 I had NO LIST. No one knew who I was.

I had minimal money to set everything up.

 Then within 21 days I’’d made $16,000.

I couldn’’t believe how leveraged it was. Once I did the work to set it all up I had a well oiled machine.

In the first 6 weeks I made $32,000!
In the first 90 days I made more money
than I had in an entire year in my old business.

Client Success Story

“I can tell you, I had a 100% Increase by working with Jody. I’ve made an extra $500k this year and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Garrett White

What you’’re about to learn with BOOM!

6 x Modules
12 x Weeks

You’ll learn how to
your online program.

The 6 Module Includes:

Training Videos | Weekly Actionbooks | Audio Lessons | Interactive Profit & Planning Calculators


Identity & Beliefs

Smash those limiting thoughts

In this Module you will:

Work out what is important to you to make sure your program and marketing is in alignment with your values

Use a simple belief shifting process to remove limiting thoughts and behaviours so you can maximise your success

Use the accountability system to keep you on your path every day

Get through the 25 point branding checklist to get all your branding set up ready to launch


Lifestyle Design

Create your perfect life first

In this Module you will:

Go through the process to define your ultimate lifestyle without limitations

Learn the system I have used every month for years to make sure you’’re only doing the tasks in my business you absolutely love.

Reverse engineer the business model that will allow you to earn your goal income

Use the monthly income planner tool to work out how many sales you need to hit your target

Break down your dreams into actions so they become your new normal.


Build Your Tribe

Find & connect with your people

In this Module you will:

Find out what makes the best list builder freebie and how to set it up.

Learn the Daily Facebook Strategy that will build your likes

Discover simple social media strategies to do from your cellphone to build a following

Learn how to use YouTube to create celebrity-like status


Your Offer

Create Your Signature Program

In this Module you will:

How to get your program out of your head and turn it into a program

What is the best way to deliver your program to your audience

How to charge what you are really worth and have people happy to pay

The planner to break down the program creation into manageable bite-sized chunks



Build your marketing roadmap

In this Module you will:

Learn the 8 best ways to market your business and choose the ones you want to execute

Discover the steps needed to launch the marketing funnel even if you’’re a complete technophobe

Learn which funnel is best for your offer and your price point and how to get the most sales.

Get the tools and resources you need set everything up that makes it easy to do, and quickly

Download the swipe files for strategies such as email sequences to replicate in your own funnels.


Video Mastery

Create Your Signature Program

In this Module you will:

How to set up a professional video studio in your home either with your cellphone or “proper” gear.

Your video gear shopping list so you know you’re getting the right stuff for you studio

Checklists for before, during and after you film so you don’t make mistakes and waste time.

Tricks to come across like a pro on camera

Client Success Story

“It’s been 6 weeks since we joined Jody’s Program. Our business has more then quadrupled. Best decision I ever made!”

Kate & Henare O’Brien

Client Success Story

“Since I have been to your workshop in Aukland and taken on Boom! It is quite amazing how much in my work life and experience of running the business has changed! It’s like this jumble of thought and experience from the past are coming out – and coming with HUGE velocity and for the most part with CLARITY! Plus! I have beome this EFFICIENT MACHINE when it comes to getting stuff done!”

Hector Bassett

Client Success Story

“Boom gives you the blueprint. Jody gives you the ability to bust through your fears reaching levels you never thought possible.”

Nina Radetich-Finn

Let’’s talk bonuses!

Bonus #1 – Free download of ““Lady Balls””

Get a digital copy of my book – for free!

Bonus #2 – Access to my personal contractors

I’’ll give you the details of all my personal contacts

I’ve spent years building a team of experienced and efficient contractors that I trust. Some of the people on this list I have used for 8+ years.

The people on this list are ONLY people I have used myself  and are highly skilled. Finding the right team can be the biggest pain in the ass so this alone is invaluable!

Bonus #3 – Access to the Closed Facebook Group

Get daily support from the active Boom! community

This private group is specifically for BOOM!ers. You can post questions any time of the day or night. Myself or my team are in there each day to support you and we are very active in this group! This is also a great place to ask for feedback from others in the community who are on a similar journey. Often I’’ll whip up a quick video to answer your questions so the whole group can benefit.

Bonus #4, #5 & #6 – Free Video Courses

Get instant access to these courses

Fast Fame Blogging Course

This is my complete system teaching you how to turn your blogging into a solid list and a client getting strategy. You’ll learn the exact structure for your videos to keep attention, build trust and develop a tribe of hungry buyers. I used this alone as my client getting strategy for 6 months and had many 5 figure days from it.

Facebook Ads

This course will teach you how to get the most out of this tool. Topics like “How to turn your likes into sales” & “Dirt Cheap Facebook Ads”

Building Websites

How to build your own membership site, what makes a great website & how to do a one-click install of a website!

You’re sick of working such long hard hours for little return.

You can’t take on any more clients because you don’t have the time.

You wish you could quit your day job and just teach what you love.

You want to make more money to take more holidays.

You can’t remember that last time you took some time to yourself.

You keep having to repeat yourself to all of your clients.

You’re wondering if there is some way to replicate your knowledge so you can leverage your time.

You have a great offer but you need a system to drive the people to buy your stuff.

You need to build a list and following so you can offer my stuff to them.

You have a massive list and following but you have nothing to sell them!

Client Success Story

I was over complicating everything I needed to get done. Jody said “What is the simple version?” and broke everything down to its simplest form, and BOOM, I was away. Awesome, thanks Jody, I progressed further over the next week than I had in the last year (or two).

Simon Wood

Who am I? Glad you asked…Let’s talk cred.

Who is Jody Jelas?

People describe me as:

“The most transparent and authentic personal brand marketer in the business”.

I became a #1 best selling author with my book “LadyBalls” with in an hour of launching.

I help Coaches, Teachers & Entrepreneurs create an authentic online brand, through video, by being their 100% non-filter selves! I then helps them to extract their best knowledge and turn it into an online leveraged program with my proven BOOM! Formula system!

Over the last 16 years I’ve helped top business folk and online marketers grow their brand globally and develop online leveraged offers that bring in millions of dollars a year for my clients.

I am passionate about helping people kick their businesses to another level through tried and tested business strategies and personal development. I have worked and “MasterMinded” with top online marketers and personal development gurus from all over the world.

Come and join the BOOM!ers – we ALL want to help you

BOOM! Formula 2.0 is a
6-Module, 12-week
that will teach you how to CREATE & SELL
your online program.

This package includes
6 extra exclusive bonuses,
all valued at over $6,000


WARNING: BOOM! will be taken off the shelf at Midnight on Dec 6th. It will be upgraded and relaunched in 2016 and the investment will DOUBLE. If you buy before the 6th Dec you will automatically get the upgraded version for free.

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Come hang with me in
this program and I’ll
show you how to
get that life you really want.


If you’re sick of trading time for money, and you want to get into the online game – you need a strategy. BOOM! is that strategy.

It’s time to step up and get back your life. Get BOOM!


$1997 USD

Or 3 x payments of $765